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E-GO Bike Lite Folding Electric 7ah Battery + Rear Rack & Storage Bag

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Lite by E-GO

The Lite by E-GO is super light and super compact. In fact, it is one of the lightest and smallest bikes on the market, weighing just 15 kg. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that it hasn’t got power. It’s small but mighty with a 250 W 36 V motor that can take you up to 25 km/h. 

Who would love the Lite by E-GO?

You’ll love the Lite by E-GO if you want something commuter-friendly that you can easily stow away in a train, caravan or car boot. It is also the perfect solution for someone who wants a bike for exercise but doesn’t have a huge amount of space for storage. 

You’ll love the Lite by E-GO whether you are 28 or 82. It is a bike that offers something to all. 

Where can you ride the Lite by E-GO?

You can ride the Lite folding bike comfortably on tarmac surfaces and cycle paths. You might like to ride the bike on the following surfaces:

  • Cities and urban areas
  • Cycle paths
  • Country roads 
  • Hills and slopes

What’s great about the Lite by E-GO?

The Lite folding bike has a single speed gearing system that is designed to cope without pedal assistance. It also means that there is minimal maintenance and adjustments to make on your journey. 

The LG 6.4ah battery is capable of taking you up to 50 km on a single charge. Of course, this will be dependent on rider weight, terrain and weather conditions. When you are ready to charge it up you can do so by removing the battery and taking it indoors, or charging it in situ. 

The 16-inch wheels help to keep the bike compact when it is folded. When it is in this case it will come in at just 82x37x68. Perfect for transporting and storing! 

While this bike is small, it is capable of carrying 100 kg. This includes the rider and any luggage which can easily be attached to the back of the bike.

E-GO Ultra Lightweight, Beautifully Built and a Reliable Folder!

The ultimate in compact, lightweight travel, the e-go Lite is our best seller and one of the smallest and lightest electric foldable bikes on the market, weighing just 15kg net. With its 250w 36v motor it’s capable of 25kmph. 

It’s unique seat post contains a 6.4ah LG branded battery (7ah Samsung available as an upgrade) that really packs a punch, with a range of up to 50km (depending on mode used and conditions). 

It can be charged in situ or removed and charged indoors. With 16” wheels and the simplicity of single speed, the bike is geared perfectly for use with or without the motor. 

It’s lightweight aluminium frame is strong enough to take an impressive 100kg payload, folds with 4 easy steps in seconds to stow away, on a train, caravan, motor home, boat, apartment or in the boot of your car. 

Think your bike riding days are over, this bike is really popular with the older generation, giving them a new lease of life, enabling them to return to cycling and get regular exercise. We have many customers in their 60’s,70’s, and 80’s With 4 modes including: Walk, pedal-assist, cruise and normal bike mode it has everything you need for a modern method of travel. 

Comes in 3 great colours -Satin black, Gloss red and metallic white 

Fully loaded- Comes complete with front and rear mudguards- Front and rear lights- Disc brakes-bell- Reflector.


• 15 kg net weight. 

• Foldable in 4 easy steps. 

• 6.4ah branded LG battery (upgradable to 7ah Samsung). 

• 4 modes: Pedal assist, cruise, walk and standard bike mode. 

• Includes: Mudguards, Lights (front and rear), bell and reflector. Other accessories available. 

• 3 Great colours: Satin black, Gloss red, Metallic white. 

• 250w 36v motor. 

• 16” wheels. 

• Folded size 82x37x68. 

• 100kg payload. 

• Free Express shipping. 

• All parts available, Full 12 month guarantee


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Customer Reviews

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stephen turner
Pleasantly surprised

Lovely machine, with battery removed, its easy to lift into car boot. It took a while to figure out "cruise" but goes really well. With the five assist modes, hills are a doddle. Would recommend.