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Crussis e-Gordo 1.6-S Mens Crossbar Electric Trekking Bicycle, 28" Wheel, 13Ah Battery - Navy/Blue

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Gentlemen, are you looking for an e-bike for comfortable riding and trips of all kinds? Do you want to go on a proper trip? Don't be limited by the profile or length of the trip? Then the e-Gordo 1.6 trekking e-bike is just for you.

We have adapted the geometry of the e-Gordo 1.6 aluminum frame to all men's needs. The e-bike is stable, comfortable and easy to use. The 13 Ah battery with Li-Ion cells, which is fully integrated into the e-bike frame , also contributes greatly to this . Practical, functional and eye-pleasing design. What else could you wish for?

Perhaps functionality and reliability. The Bafang electric motor located in the rear wheel hub takes care of that . It will reliably take you up to a distance of 60 miles  - here, of course, it always depends on the profile of the track and the way in which the assistance is used, which in the case of this model is five-stage. And how do you actually control the assistance? As with most e-bikes via an LCD panel located on the handlebars. It shows the battery status, the selected degree of assistance of the electric motor, speed and distance traveled

The e-bike is manufactured on 28 "wheels in two frame sizes, 18" and 20 ". Shifting with the 21-speed speed of the Shimano Tourney and driving comfort will be enhanced by a sprung fork and a comfortable seat. You don't even have to worry about rain. In addition to the stand and the carrier, the e-bike equipment also includes fenders.

There is nothing to wait for. The Crussis e-Gordo 1.6 e-bike is ready for your first pedaling. It's time to go!

If you still want a model with a stronger battery, look at the e-bike e-Gordo 1.6-S or e-Gordo 7.6 / 7.6-S with a central electric motor and better accessories (fork, derailleur,…).  

Battery 468 Wh (13 Ah)

The heart of the e-bike supplying energy to the system is a battery with Li-Ion cells 36V / 468 Wh (13 Ah). The battery is fully integrated into the e-bike frame, which means one thing. Perfectly balanced, stable and easy-to-use e-bike, which also pleases the eye.

The battery is able to deliver an e-bike on a single charge up to a distance of 60 miles . However, it always depends, of course, on the track profile and how the assistance is used.

Of course, the battery is equipped with a BMS board (Battery Management System), which protects it from overheating, short circuit or overcharging. You can charge the battery directly on the bike carrier, or you can remove it to charge it - you can charge it at home using the included charger in any standard socket.

You can fully charge a fully discharged battery in 6.5 hours.


If you are looking for a reliable partner for trips in all weathers, the trekking range of our e-bikes is the right choice for you. Trekking e-bikes are equipped with front and rear fenders , so you won't be distracted by a spring rain or a summer storm burst. The e-bike also includes a rear carrier , which can be equipped with bags or a basket. With a trekking e-bike, you can go not only on a short trip, but also on a multi-day expedition. Traveling has simply never been easier.

LCD panel

Engine assistance is controlled via a clear   LCD panel with a digital display, which is located on the handlebars at the front brake lever. Simple, convenient, safe - what more could you want?

The display itself shows, in addition to basic information regarding the battery status and the currently used level of assistance, also other information concerning driving (speed, distance traveled, etc.). So you can leave your cycling computer at home, you will no longer need it.

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