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Cruzaa City E- Scooter 250w

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The Cruzaa City E-Scooter Will Work For You!

Move your own way and let the Cruzaa City electric scooter do all the hard work for you. The new X600 revolutionises the way you move around town, the city or campus.

Go Further For Cheaper!

With a range and top speed of 25km (about 15 miles), the X600 is the most eco-friendly low-cost travel option available.

Imagine being able to travel across town or on campus and not having to worry about parking charges, fuel or expensive public transport costs. At the end of your journey simply fold away the X600 scooter and slide it into your backpack so you can continue your journey on foot.

Easy Recharging!

Very easy recharging that enables you to charge the e-scooter from anywhere. To recharge it you simply clip off the battery and plug it into any normal plug socket in your office, home or campus.

Play Your Music & Charge Your Handsets!

Even more tech to make the e-scooter more enjoyable, the battery has a USB charging port to charge up your phone/tablet and a built-in Bluetooth high definition speaker so you can stream your music out load!

Also offering 12 months manufacturer warranty to cover any internal electronic components and 6 months manufacturer’s warranty for the battery.


  Smart digital LCD display

Display shows mileage, throttle mode, speed and battery life.

   Powerful battery 

Lithium battery that allows scoota to reach speeds of up to 15 mph.

IP54 Rated, tackles water in wet conditions.

     100% Electric

100% electric scooter reaching speeds up to 14.9 mph.

     Environmentally friendly

100% electric with easy home friendly charging capability.

     Lightweight and portable

Foldable and lightweight frame allowing easy transport.

      Throttle modes

Control your top speed by choosing from multiple speed modes.

      Road tyres

High grade anti-friction road tyres with monster wheels, to handle 15 degrees angles, bumpy and rocky surfaces.

      Smart disk brakes

Front and back brakes for smarter control.

Size of Scooter Unfolded:

943 x 410 x 329 mm

Size of Scooter Folded:

650 x 120 x 329mm

Total Weight:

10.5 kg

Holds A Max Weight Of:

120 kg

Top Speed:

15 – 25 km/h

Total Distance:

15 – 25 km

Charge Time:

3 – 4 hours

Rated Power:

250 w / 6ah


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